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6pm – 9pm with

Nito & Elba / Leo & Tracey / Virgínia & Santiago
9pm – 1am



“Rueda de los Maestros“

Location: Tangobar, at Albert Schweitzer Haus,
Schwarzspanierstraße 13, 1090 Vienna

CONCIERTO Ensemble Minimal Tango

“Suite de un tal Jacinto”

Inspirada en “Milonga de Jacinto Chiclana”

de Jorge Luis Borges

7:30pm – 9pm
MILONGA (DJ Jesus Santander, LIVE: Vita Musica Orchestra)
10pm – 2am
PERFORMANCE with Leo & Tracey

Location: Theatersaal (VHS Meidling)

Längenfeldgasse 13 – 15, 1120 Vienna

10am – 12am

Location: Mi Barrio
Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060 Vienna


12am – 1:20pm with Leo & Tracey / Virgínia & Santiago
1:30pm – 2:50pm with Nito & Elba / Lady’s technique with Virgínia
3pm – 4:20pm with Leo & Tracey / Virgínia & Santiago
Location: Mi Barrio
Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060 Vienna


7:30pm – 9pm
SHOW Compañía Our Tango (Director: Martin Acosta)


10pm – 2am

MILONGA (DJ Carolina Aguilar, LIVE: Sexteto Milonguero)
PERFORMANCE with Nito y Elba
Location: Theatersaal (VHS Meidling)

Längenfeldgasse 13 – 15, 1120 Vienna

10am –12am


Location: Mi Barrio
Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060 Vienna



12am – 1:20pm with Leo y Tracey (couple technique / Chacarera with Martin & Marcela)

1:30pm – 2:50pm with Nito y Elba / Virgínia & Santiago

3pm – 4:20pm with Nito y Elba / Virgínia & Santiago

MILONGA (DJ Martin Acosta)


7pm –2am

Live Performance: Compañia Our Tango

Location: Mi Barrio
Munzwardeingasse 2, 1060 Vienna







Different walks (parallel to the cross system)

Flexibility of the hug (closed to open)

Entries and exits in the turn for men and women.

Pencil and screw for men and women

The art of joining movements (Brands and proposals.

Technique for women:
How to activate the internal motor to generate circular movements



Posture, Tango Lounge Fantasy


Sacadas, woman/man


Steps for orchestra of Darienzo 1955


Milonga stumble and smooth, and if you want it can also be VALS

Kisses! we wait for you…



Leo Acosta’s Tango career spans over 50 years as he comes from a traditional Tango family – he was taught by his father from 7 years old in Buenos Aires. His style of Tango is unique and authentic and reflects years of being brought up and living amongst family and friends who themselves loved Tango – not only as a dance but also it’s music, poetry and philosophy. He has developed his own unique methodology of teaching Tango and with his partner and wife Tracey, has created and produced his own teaching book.

Tracey has danced Argentine Tango for over 16 years. Her background training of Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, allows her to help people trying to adapt from other dance styles to Argentine Tango so that they dance the real Tango not a mix of styles! She has had extensive training of Argentine Tango with Leo over the last 10 years.

Together they have taught and performed in numerous places including Negracha Tango Club, at the prestigious London Waldorf Tango Supper, and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom to name but a few. They have also taught abroad in Vienna, Sicily and Sardinia but prefer to concentrate on their activities at home in the UK. In 2013, they were the first professional Argentine Tango couple to create their own Teaching Methodology, Syllabus and Diploma under the name of ‘The London Argentine Tango School’ based on the teaching of Leo’s father and Leo’s experiences which was the first of its kind to be presented in the UK. This culminated in them writing and publishing their own book – The ABC of Argentine Tango – which can be purchased directly through them or via Amazon.

Leo and Tracey have worked together for over 10 years and during that time have taught 100’s of students throughout the UK how to dance the social, improvised art form of Argentine Tango. This is something they both passionately believe in, to the extent that every single one of their performances are also improvised.

They dance exactly as they teach and are committed to preserving and teaching this wonderful art form of the social dance so that many more people can enjoy it in the future.


Virginia Pandolfi is recognized in the world of tango, not only for her talent as a dancer, but also for her abilities as a teacher, she is also an authentic milonguera and stands out for being her elegant, sensual, authentic and very musical dance. Its beginnings were influenced by a learning linked to stage tango, but over time the course of his career leaned strongly towards the improvisational dance. Her dance today is the fruit of a path composed of two fundamental ingredients, the love of dance and the commitment to work. In his teaching role, his classes are the space to understand tango with these two axes as basic principles for the learning path.

Santiago Castro was born in Santiago, Chile. He comes from a family of artists. From the beginning of his life he was surrounded by different styles of dance and music. From his father side he absorbed rock n’ roll, love for music as a lot of relatives in his family were singers and musicians. From mother side he absorbed tango and Chilean folklore.

Now Santi is a true “Milonguero” Tango dancer, known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality in his dance style, but also for his methodology and pedagogical skills, constantly endeavouring to study more and more, and with a very versatile character that comes as a consequence of his passage through different tango styles, passion, dedication and respect for Argentinean Tango.

He is faithful and devoted to the kind of tango he believes in the authentic tango–i.e. the kind of tango which emphasizes the embrace, walking, music, the feeling, respect and codes.

He nurtures his students to help them become better dancers and inspires them so that they can feel and understand tango not only as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life. Santiago combines tango dance improvisation playing with the elegance of the Tango Salon style and the flavour of the milonguero style.

After 20 years in the tango world, his dancing is the result of a journey made of two basic ingredients: the passion for dancing and the love for teaching.


“living legends of Tango”

Together they are the living legend of tango. Argentines Juan Aurelio García and Elba Natalia Sottile, known artistically as Nito and Elba, add “almost 160 years between the two” and for more than 40 years they have been dancing partners at the milonga and in life. Luxury masters at the Vienna Tango congress, for the second time in Vienna, they are here to teach the secrets of their “fantasy lounge” dance.


“The very expected MOZART TANGO SHOW is happening! The premiere will be in Opera house in only one week! The show is fully booked and the last preparations are on.”Dancers are having the last rehearsals on the big stage of Vienna State Opera.

Their innovative way of interpreting tango on the music of Mozart connects the history of Vienna and the passion of dancing in an interesting fusion of art.

Woken up by the young dancers, the Opera ghosts of Constanza and Mozart are getting more and more interested in these dances they have never seen before.

Mozart tango is a story taking place in Vienna State Opera presenting a fusion between tango, neoclassic and contemporary dance.

Idea and direction: Martin Acosta

Director: Martín Acosta (Dancer and Choreographer)


“ViTa MusicA”, short for “Vienna Tango Music Academy” was founded in 2017 by Argentine pianist Diego Collatti and Taiwanese bandoneonist Ruei-Ran Wu. The purpose of the Academy is to promote the Argentine Tango Music. Workshops are held to introduce the interpretation of tango music in different eras, and the Orquesta ViTa MusicA is an important part of these endeavors. Interested professional and amateur musicians are all welcome to perform Tango Music. The orchestra has performed as live music at various Milongas such as SaTho Tango, Tangobar, Street Festival at Brunnenmarkt, and also a flash mob action in the foyer of Austrian Erste Bank. It has also worked with famous Tango artists such as Martin Troncózo, Silvia Andrea Funes, Adrian Barile, Sergio Cattaneo, and many others.

Find us in Vienna.


Sexteto Milonguero formed in 2006 by Javier Di Ciriaco (Singer).
It is one of the best-known tango orchestra, which has traveled almost all over the world, with a unique and unmistakable personality.
It is one of the most recognized orchestras in recent years, one of the most traveled around the world taking the tango to an innumerable number of cities
The style of the group, has a beginning, in essence, danceable. And over the years, also because of the diversity of places where they have been presented in recent years, such as theaters or festivals worldwide, have added to their extensive repertoire, a variety of songs that can be called only for concerts. Own songs, songs of Argentine folklore, etc..and of course Tango Traditional and news Tangos too.
This has allowed to show and merge the different influences that each one of the members of the sextet, which include: Argentina’s popular music, jazz, classical, rock, etc. …. Current contemporary influences.
The charismatic singer Javier Di Ciriaco and his orchestra perform traditional rhythms from Argentina: classic tangos from the 1940s, jazzy Piazzolla, Milonga, Zamba, Chacarera , Argentinean Folklore. The sensitive arrangements and their own compositions distinguish themselves through their unmistakably unique musical language… Sexteto Milonguero “Swing”. They convey a freshness and feeling that extend far beyond mere technical skill. 
With 13 years of carer, Sexteto Milonguero, played milongas, theaters and festivals throughout Argentina, made 2 tours in Latin America and 13 European tours covering more than 20 countries, and many cities plus Canada, Singapure and China and recently, 2017-2018 2 tours in EEUU covering 12 cities.
Documentaries: JOYRIDE WITH SEXTETO MILONGUERO about the 2016 European tour of the Argentine tango orchestra Sexteto Milonguero. Media Mania Films




MASTER CLASS (early bird) 50€ / (after April 7th) 60€

WORKSHOP (early bird) 40€ / (after April 7th) 50€ – 1 CLASS + BRUNCH

MILONGA VHS (early bird) 20€ / (after April 7th) 25€

MILONGA Tango Bar (early bird) 10€ / (after April 7th) 15€

MILONGA Mi Barrio (early bird) 10€ / (after April 7th) 15€

MILONGA Brunch (early bird) 16€ / (after April 7th) 20€

SHOW (early bird) 20€ / (after April 7th) 25€


WORKSHOP PASS (early bird) 150€ / (after April 7th) 200€

MILONGA PASS (early bird) 92€ / (after April 7th) 120€ – ALL MILONGAS + SHOWS GRATIS

PERFORMANCE PASS (early bird) 40€ / (after April 7th) 60€ – 2X SHOW


FULL PASS (early bird) 210€ / (after April 7th) 250€ – EVERYTHING




In alternative, you can also acquire the pass of your preference using the following bank account data:



AT18. 1200. 0100. 1364. 0619.



After the transfer, please send us the payment receipt by email to: info@viennatangocongress.wien


Don’t forget to include the correspondent names of the ticket holders.


Your pass will be available at the Vienna Tango Congress’s counter.


Terms and Conditions / The organisers reserve the right to alter the line-up of Artists/ DJs without prior notification. / The promoter does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen property. / By purchasing a ticket to the festival you consent to filming, sound recording and photography as a member of the audience and such material may be used for commercial or non-commercial use. / The organisers shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind. / If the festival is cancelled, the organisers shall not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the ticket holder, including but not limited to, accommodation or transport costs or any direct or indirect losses or damage of whatever kind. / Tickets are not transferable or refundable